Friday, 8 October 2010

How I'm going

Hey all I'm off in a far away working world. Sadly looking at my diary that is randomly placed scraps of paper that's going to stay the same until maybe February-ish (I'm trying to make a space in my week to still put some kind of images out for people to see, more on that next month).

But the update I thought I needed to say quickly was this here lovely event!

Featuring the 70 strong

LYSOLMike BellOverkill CreationsBetsoSquinkKat BrunnegraffRusted HaloClutter MagazineMr MunkPaul KaijuDodgrrvalleydwellerKelly DenatoGrimsheepEmily BeeRitzy PBrian EwingJimmy FooAlisa Furchess-RossGeorge GasparAyleen GasparMister ToastKevin GosselinMichael GulenNathan HamillMonstafaktoryTriclops James YeahRagnarLunartikJon-Paul KaiserFrank KozikPodgyPandaDavid LanhamPhuRohbyAbe Lincoln Jr.Sarah Jo MarksDrew MillwardLunabeeCallgrimPocket WookieLap NgoTaskOneRotobox Vinyl AnatomicaDavid PalieriAtomosmap-mapDave PresslerGumpy RevolutionHuge "Dred" RoseCris RoseScribeReuben RudeChris RyniakScottoonsPaul ShihMike SlobotShawnimalBwana SpoonsA Little StrangerTroy StithSpanky StokesSteve TalkowskiCameron TiedeBucky LastardScott TollesonKingquanBaby vTecEuralis WeekesJulie WestJenny WolfYoshiiJRYUManOneRsinartPhetus

If you're anywhere near Munky King in La I hope you go down, that list of talent alone make me want to plant a coin or two and hope for a money tree that pays for planes & hotels!

Also to show I really am working and thinking here are some sidelined doodles that are in the 'may be expanded into a print or something' pile.

Only other news is I put my neck out and kept on trying to work. Later that week I stood on a rusty spike I found in the groundwith my middle toe. Also finally saw 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' and I can't express enough how much I regret not seeing it earlier, so good and sad and funny and lingering.

I CAN TALK! & see you soon.

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Shoki said...

Dude, those doodles are awesome, somehow you're packing more charm and style into them! Love them.

Glad you're staying busy!! Shame that show is in LA, why do you have to be so INTERNATIONAL :D

Keep it up mate, maybe pop your head into the illustration thread and post these delights?

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