Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm tying all my ropes and dotting all my js now so whilst the glue fumes make me feel oddly nice I'll say woo de hoo lookey here!

“When Worlds Collide” A 7 man show of apocalyptic proportions.

Opening reception Feb. 24th 5pm-9pm

Feb 24th-March 24th

Screaming Sky Gallery Portland,OR
(their website)

Josh f+ Pearce, DrilOne And Kevin Gosselin will also be at the reception, so if you can get down there, go and say hi to them. Josh says he usually goes out and parties after a show, so go and join them with a trendy bottle of cider.

So go and get on this show. I'm very excited to see what it's all going to look like so hopefully you'll be excited 1/7 more than even I am or more if you can somehow be more excited than me.

I'll leave you for now with a photo of a closed eyed cat featured in my colliding world. Do you like him (and does that sound needy?)?

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