Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The site is down, the pup is up....for grabs!

Before I get onto the topic of this post. The "When worlds collide" show opened last week. It looks amazing and I'm in crazy work mode but I will get up some photos of the show and pointers to the related sites you should visit very soon.

So if yo did your daily visit to map-map.co.uk today you would have got really angry to see it's down for refurbishment. But then that anger would fade as you noticed this guy above trying to say what's going on.

Well like I and he is saying it's all up for a full makeover. But don't worry because there is a double bonus on how to get over not seeing my neglected old website. Because if you want to know about the moment my website goes live again by joining my mailing list you will also be entered for a chance to win the little website building helper you see above. Win Win right? Right!

So to join the mailing list/enter my competition go to map-map.co.uk and after you stop staring at the photo of my filthy desk/cute chubby pup scroll to the bottom of my page enter your name and email then bash the GO button with your mouse! done.

1 comment:

krakit said...

Woot! Everyone loves giveaways
especially when the prize is a
pink dog construction foreman.
Hee hee!

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