Sunday, 22 February 2009

Oh ooo o O no toubles in America

All topped up on sleep now!

For the last couple of week I've been having a lovely spell in America thanks to family living there. not too much holidaying time though, still needed to get some work done in my make shift studio/kitchen table. I did get to see a few galleries though, my personal art tastes do seem to appear in the US a lot more.

(if you care to read more about my America time just follow the * I don't want to make people sift through my travel words just to see what's been going on with my paintings and such)

In personal paint times, just before heading back to home I shipped off my paintings for a show starting in APW's freshly moved gallery in New York on March 6th. Check out there site HERE for more details. It should be a great show rammed full of original work.

As a preview I've put up these three, with five for the actual show.


If you are in the area or passing through please do go for the opening they're always great events. Also then you can maybe tell me how it went so I can go back to my cold corner of the room and weep, happy in the knowledge that unlike me you got to see it in the flesh



*What I did get to see and do in the US was a joy. The People of America are in most cases friendly and polite, with the day to day smile, hello, and lack of wary glances a culture shock to my British mind. I struggled for a second to move beyond the mind set that any single man or women had the potential to have a gun close at hand (and I honestly had an exaggerated fear for a moment when I got off the plane without even seeing any hint or shadow of a holster), but once I saw the sun beaming in winter and a radio station blaring out rock classics (with a speckle of some really bad new morbid tunes) my moments were back on a Boston filled positive note.

Did a bunch of things. Most of it in the day was just walking to new places as no car kind of left me stranded, but the nights and weekends were full of planes and drives to new far of places. I won't go into much detail on tourist time or it'll all turn into one of those boring 'and here we are in the Maldives, oh! terry's holding that really long pine cone. Weird thing yeah, we found it under a palm tree?' but with no imagery to keep anyone hooked.

So deep down that's the snippets of my time away.

A second good bye for those who care how my day to day life rolls.



SP said...

Wow, wow and a final wow!

I would so love to go see this in New York. All three paintings are amazing. I wish to see the other two!

I had the same feelings when I went to LA, crazy folks with guns! but it's pretty normal, probably need to go to the bad areas of town to experience some flying lead.

MAp said...

Yeah, I can't remember seeing a single one but the potential in them just flat out petrifies me.

I'll get the other two up after the show starts, just really like to save something for the people who might go check out my work. I'm hoping to get something going later in the year a little closer to home, so I can see the show going down in the flesh!

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