Thursday, 5 March 2009

A little Oiled Up

First I must say that anyone near New York tomorrow please visit this site APW for info on the World of imagination show I will be showing in.

Ok great, little plug of work for sale & on show done.

Now in a bid to spend more money on a whole new batch of paints I've decided to have a go with oil paints. Other than a tiny try many years ago when I wasn't really a painting kind of Human, I've never tried oils. Always had a love of people who use them in a fashion similar to how my work has been edging at the moment so now felt just right to have a tiny stab. So yep, here it is.


It's 13cm x 16cm on reclaimed wood, as a test I'm going to do another 5 on a hunter hunted theme. This poor guy is the hunted.

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SP said...

Oooh oils! You handle them as well as the acrylics. The clouds have a very cool texture to them.

Looking forward to more from the hunter/hunted theme :).

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