Friday, 20 March 2009

Skecthy painting

Here is something I do quite a lot when waiting around with my pens and some paper near by. Also do them on every art package I send (to the annoyance of the postal people. Really enjoy scribbling out a basic shape with a marker sized pen (normally a posca) then adding some more levels of detail with a smaller pen (normally the lovely partner Pentel's 'sign pen') then maybe even finer details with a biro or anything below 0.3 :)

So after those more detailed paintings I spent a day making these...


Felt nice to make bigger painted gestures and not worry if the character was really worth the effort to draw every hair.
It also hit me that these make nice even more mini version of the work I do, & with a few younger people contacting me about really liking my work (which seriously makes me beam with joy) but not really able to afford anything on offer (I have plans for sorting out prints but they're being pushed to the back of the list at the moment) they're £10-£15 price tag feels like a good choice...although any mind set of trying to sell things to younger people feels sordid, in a normal exploiting for money kind of way. Better than buying stacks of pogs like I did though :)

(Also there are a few more I've not put online, if you think you'd like to see them give me an email and I'll send a photo your way)

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