Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My Trip away plus developments

Just got back yesterday from a very enjoyable trip down south in the sometimes sunny UK. I was hoping to display some images of my trip but in the wise ways I work I left if all plugs and straps for my camera, but left my memory card firmly in my pc. I would have bought another but I did that already on my trip over to the US!?

But Either way I had an enjoyable time at my good friend Nich Angell's home. He's in the city of Salisbury. A great city just an hour out of London and Bristol so great for getting to the hot spots of the Art I love really!

Whilst there main visits worth talking about would be the above gentleman's showing of work alongside Mr Jago & the trip to the Crimes of passion exhibition in Bristol (also featuring Mr Jago).

Also the bigger news to come out of the trip is that hopefully very soon I'll be able to push out some info about me in a group show later this summer! pencil in something about me for June, maybe July.. :D

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