Monday, 30 March 2009

Late goings on

Ok been a little while since a blog appeared...

I'm heaving my way slowly but surely towards hopefully sorting out a collaborative show or two in the UK which I'm finding to be a little harder that in could be
(if you want a rant from a bitter moment of emails follow the star *).
On other beeps & boops next month I'll be having a little bunch of work in the 'stick me hard' exhibition in Brussels Belgium ( site ) If you want to see my pieces for the show other than the one below I'd say go to Belgium :D If like me you can't do that when the exhibition is on I'll have some up on my site and on Flickr after it's all begun :)


Work wise at the moment I've been up to my neck in a wooden model and planning other future wooden models, but I'll leave that for another day hopefully with a photo of the first now complete 'Totem toy' model.

*I get a feeling at this early stage that for the most part the average gallery around the Britain doesn't take much love in more 'cartoon styled' work?
I hope this is completely untrue and next time I'll be full of glee. The main problem I feel when I go visiting these galleries is the range of work. I'm sure most people want to go into a room and have their minds expanded with (and here's the part where I rant a little from what's going down in my local area...sorry) a model sailing ship with Hokusai inspired sails, or sketchy female shapes drawn with a paint that resembles dripping brown honey (I did kind of like that one), maybe even a hugely spaced out collection of photos showing one man's travels whilst hitch hiking but when I go around there seems to only ever be three kinds of 'art' photography, obsure shapes representing an event or.....crafts

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