Friday, 17 April 2009

Wooden structure plans

Realized now I never got around to showing my wooden attempts so far so here it is..


In you mind view it as the toy era that should have happened in some way?

Over the summer I've got some plans to make more & more of these guys. This one ended up about 9" tall but future ones are hopefully going to be getting into the 'put it somewhere near the pond' size. Maybe even with some sculpy made monster interaction?

Also a day or so the kind people at put up a link to my site so do give them a look around from me. I gave the place many stabs with my eye & I'd say it's a tidy place to look for pretty much everything important in life :D


SP said...

Oooh I'm inspired! you're working damn hard and creating some really amazing art. I love wooden figures and it's great to see your style fitting so well (as usual) in a third dimension.

MAp said...

Cheers man that means a lot. I've just got to get somewhere sorted to show all these ideas I have. I can get somewhere local but in the kindest way I think it would be a waste..

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