Monday, 4 May 2009

Copenhagen or Charity

Hey y'all..

I'm back from a surprise visit to Copenhagen. All very job based luckily and sadly. Not entirely sure what I can say about it all on a legal level, but deep down I have a very strong feeling if you enjoy any of the work I do on a day to day basis it won't really interest you.
It could all be good, enjoyable work though and what I got to see of Copenhagen was fantastic! Sadly I couldn't take a single photo though thanks to either being in sleek work mode or heavy flight to/from form. I still have some mental images thankfully and I can very much see myself going their on my travel one day :)

Whilst flying about and feeling all busy and important (in head not reality)I took some pens and poscas to make this mixed bag of twisted events around me & general mind images. It felt nice to do more free work whilst my half finished more detailed painting waited to be complete at home.


Also little note that I'll go and on about in the other internet spaces (like my twitter account that I have now pushed into people's view). There's a new Teefury charity tee going on sale for one day on the 8th May this Friday I feature in the colab and from what I've seen collectively it's vury vury good :D

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SP said...

It's worth saying again: I HEART THESE!

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