Monday, 18 May 2009

Sketchy side step

Hey ho!

After the doodles I did on my Copenhagen travel seeming to go down well, I've been compiling old and new doodles with a hint of cutting the wheat from the chaff to put together this small section.


Hopefully people can enjoy these little posca and pen guys just as much.

After actually focusing a day on doing a little pile of these I must say they're real fun to do, not that I'd rather spend all my days making these but after starring at my pc monitor or a painting for so long doing these is a nice little detour.

And from that I've made a wee little Store to house them in now. Please do give it a good glance. They're in the £2-10 range and really if you buy one and leave me a comment or email me I'll try and throw in a little extra or two :D


(Oh! It officially opens on 19th May at 5pm GMT)

Also check back there as I could be putting in new work in there almost daily!

LatororororoRs :)

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