Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Just too long

As the titles says it's been way to long since my last blog. In reality though it's all been planning and hot air recently though so that may have been for the best?

But things are being planned, hopefully many big things, exciting big things.

The first of all that is my new mini store going live at 1pm BST today(05/08/09), solely made for a selection of my 3D work. To celebrate it's opening I've been creating a small range of four custom munnys :D

To see them all just visit my website or if you want to go straight to the store go

Beyond showing you that I can't tell you much more just yet, as there are a few more fine details to go over. It should be very soon indeed though.
If you'd like to be on the pulse of those goings on I've finally created a mailing list that people can follow. It's releases should be as frequent as this blog of late so don't worry about being spammed with every new painting and sculpture, I'll only really resort it for actual events. To sign up just go to the bottom of this page HERE.

Thanks and here's one of those four customs I mentioned,




Shoki said...

Holly molly (mol-e?)!

I can't believe how many times you've raised the bar when it comes to your own work, I'd kill to have your motivation and skill set! GIVE ME YOUR HANDS.

I'm too broke to buy one of these, unfortuantely, I would have gone for either Edem or Quoshin. They're all incredible though. Looking forward to see what's next for you!

MAp said...

Thanks man. Sadly work wise I'll probably be appearing quite quiet for a while now, as most of the stuff I have on is actually tied up to something meaningful compared to the usual 'doing what I feel like' work.

Shoki said...

Merry Christmas, dude!

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