Monday, 23 August 2010

The Jaws custom and we're up to date!

Final push now!

This is only a few days late to the rest of the internet so I'm feeling good about this one.

The other month a kind fellow asked me to do my first commissioned custom piece. The request was for a tainting of the vinyl model Jaws by the talented people over at coarse. as a piece I can honestly say I do not have the capital to commit to for a personal project I jumped at the chance with a little twirl.

link pack

I've heard a few people say they've never seen an original Coarse Jaws so check HERE if you want to compare and contrast.

The whole piece is a mix of acrylic, miliput, & super sculpy.

(I probably think it's best to say now that if anyone ever wants me to go into detail on what I do please say and if it seems like enough people care I'll try and document my process on a future piece)

The whole custom was a joy to do although I may drop down a few custom sizes for a month or two. *wink* *wink* *teaser pic*

link pack

I'm going to be customising for a little bit longer it seems :)

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