Saturday, 21 August 2010

A mege ultra catch up!

*deep breath*

Well to start off I may miss one or two moments from my life. The best way to catch up may be to just stare at my Flickr page and click next a few times..although from here on I plan for this to once again be the place to see what I've created with an extra bonus slice of my thoughts.

So not to bore people with too much text I'll wow you (you better go wow) with a photo or two then a tiny text segment to keep you in the know.

(Also click any images to see them in big person sizes)

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The kind people at Bear and Bird gallery let me join in on their small stuff exhibition last year. Wish I could have been there, the show looked great from what I saw and from my visit a few months before it's always a great place to be if you're in the south Florida area.

I joined the fine talents of COUK, Loz Boz & Si Mitchell at Shop in Nottingham to put together XENO5 a fine collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures & customs. It was a great opening night and I recommend checking my flickr page to see many more photos of people enjoying pretty pictures.

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This piece titled 'Rebirth' was part of the XENO5 show. I just wanted to show them in a nice clear view. All I'll say is it took a while and stands about 47cm tall and I hope you like them.

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Wao toyz sent me a little gift so I got some super sculpy, a little bit of wood and a pile of acrylic paints. With those things I made that little guy up there. I don't think he's having a good time and I feel for him but it does look interesting.

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So stepping up this custom lark I got hold of 11 kidrobot dunnys and just had a whole lot of fun. I learnt a lot with these guy and must say as a custom platform I find these a little more enjoyable than munnys, they just have that good balance of restriction and freedom. Also some are still available HERE and to see any of the dunnys in more detail go here

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After the dunnys my hunger for customs just kept growing so I joined forces with the already great Sam of tessetoys and made little Lex Grainstern who may be pushing a little above his stations but his heart is in the right place.
Also found this Unkl unipo tucked away behind my desk so finally plucked up the courage to bore a whole in the top of his head and give the little guy a lazy bird pal.
(those two are also for sale here so drop by anytime, also if you do buy any of them send me a message on here and I'll try and throw in a bonus or two)

Ok going to stop for today, I do have a few things left that I could talk about but we live in a bite sized generation so I'll keep it long winded instead of novelette :)

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