Friday, 10 December 2010


So now it's been a little while I thought I'd put this custom I'm personally quite proud of up on the blog in full orange light tint removed splendour. I must say my main source of pride is just from being part of the Sketchbot custom show 2 at munky king, it has such a great list of people, who also luckily went on to create great customs (I'll put all the links that people should go to at the bottom of the post)

Click for big in Flickr version

At this present moment mine along with way too many other worthy pieces are still up for grabs and all I can say is if you can afford food and rent then have a little left over for the extras in life do buy one or two or everything. They're all worth every dollar and to have something like Jyru's Save me (the last dance) or Scott Tolleson's Stranger v.7 or any other that takes your fancy placed on your shelf can never be a bad thing.

The sketchbot custom exhibit at munky king is on until 24th of December for any more info check

To buy my piece you see above go to

For all the other sketchbot custom buying joy it's all at

And if you want to get a clean and tidy original sketchbot look around

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Shoki said...

Ummm BEST THING EVA!! Holy balls, I can't believe my eyes, the detail is phenomenal. Your work is so damn cool, love the Tinpo customs you posted before too.

Leave some win cakes for the rest of us, sheesh!

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